To Hot to Handle..3 Times and I'm Out!

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Ok, like seriously, I goofed. I had gone and deleted my sandnshovel account with wordpress.

After a few days had passed I realized how much I missed sharing my enthusiasm with everyone. The joy I feel when I am dripping with sweat in 100 degree heat mixing with the dirt layered on my skin from pulling up the season’s corn rows to prepare for the next planting. I must have cooked my noodle in the scorching sun. It will certainly make one do some strange stuff.

Yesterday, after Jaime loaded the school bus for her first day back to school.

Jaime's first day back to school

I was filled with energy to begin weeding the flower bed out front. That hadn’t been done all summer due to this extreme heat. It felt good to make it fresh and clean again. I had come across some ant hills and before they ran into me I poured some bleach on them. “Gotchya”.

Next, it was time to mow the lawn. There really hadn’t been a need to do it so much through the summer months as there had been very little rain. Just in the past week or so with the humidity spike and some serious rainfall the weeds grew taller than Jaime. I had decided to mow the entire front yard in one sweep. Guess the mower wasn’t up to all that hard work because each time it ran out of gas I had to let it cool down for about 20 minutes. After 3 times of those 20 minute breaks it just became so darn hot that I couldn’t finish.

  • The first of those breaks, I took a seat and a beautiful hummingbird came to the feeder. They are so tiny and sweet.
  •  The second 20 minute break I pulled up the season’s corn rows and pulled weeds to prepare that spot for the winter planting.
  • The third time around that was the one that did me in. It was hot and I was dripping with sweat. I barely had the energy to pull the mower back to the house.

So that’s when I grabbed a towel and poured on the hose to take a shower outside.

To each of us “Joy” is different. My “Joy” comes when I am doing naturally, without giving it a second thought. Even though the outside temperatures are to hot to handle, dripping in sweat, layered in dirt….I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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