Smashing Pumpkins Breaking Ground

The weather this morning was not quite so hot. At least a few degrees cooler than it has been. I start right in on the outdoor activities just after Jaime loads the school bus in the morning. Usually around 7am.

Beginning my glorious morning with a walk around the yard to see what needs to be done. Saying “Good Morning” to all the fruits and vegies. That’s when I came upon our new additions. Beautiful baby pumpkins.

"Smashing" pumpkins

Last year we weren’t so lucky to produce any. Weather conditions and location I guess weren’t right for them. Last year they maybe grew to the size of a golf ball or smaller then they would fall off. This year we planted them in a new spot under Jaime’s window.

Early pumpkin seedlings

We layered the “V” hitch of the mobile home with straw and a bag of “Black Cow” compost. They’ve been thriving nicely here.  They receive the morning sun then shade in the afternoon and evening. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Jaime is so hoping to have one to carve for this year’s Halloween.


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