Raising them Up Right..wrong says the world..right says He

Wow! What a morning. I’m writing this as I wipe the sweat from my face. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Up at my usual hour of 4am I begin with my morning exercises. You know, the one’s that get you ready for an empowering day. It all begins with a “Right attitude”. Jaime is first up as I prepare her for her day at school. Then “Big brother” comes to the kitchen which was nice that we were all able to spend some quality time this morning before Jaime loads the bus.

As we were talking this morning Jaime begins to fill me in with some of the things going on at school. For some reason she has this idea that she wants to be home-schooled. I had done this in the past with my other children and I am grateful that that option was available at the time. At the present time I just don’t see her as a good candidate for homeschooling and I remember how much daily preparation it took each day. Things are different now.

This past week I personally, have had some internal struggles with questions concerning my own thoughts and actions. During the time of her being at school, in my quiet, I have spent time with my Bible in search for answers.

This morning the solution was attained. The question: “Why do we have these internal struggles with the ego (self will or monkey mind)?”. As Jaime is trying so hard to get what she wants by dramatizing the situation at school to get me to take action toward her desire….I was struck with the solution that ” we need these peaks and valleys in our lives, we need exposure to these experiences in order for us to know the difference between the works of the world and the works of God.” If we never have the exposure how would we know there is a difference? How would we know to turn right instead of left? Of course the answer came after she had already left for school. Just as a curriculum is designed for a particular grade level to ensure the student has a “well rounded” education, so too, God wants us to come to Him freely by the use of our own freedom to choose.

After all that I went out to mow the lawn ( my son decided on sleep). Now here, some parents would tell their kid to go out and mow the lawn. I say…..hey, why would I take something I enjoy away from me? I remember years back, teaching my other son some responsibility by having him mow the lawn. He would never move anything out of the way and I would always have to go over it again.( I hope he doesn’t read this post). I love mowing the lawn. I love making little designs in the grass with my push mower. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I enjoy moving my bones, joints and muscles. To top it off, when I’m done I will actually go and drink some water. That’s something I don’t get enough of. While I’m mowing the lawn I let Molly, Rollo and Flake run around in the yard.

I cleaned up their pen and washed out their water buckets. Today, I added a little bleach and cleaned out the algae that clings to the buckets. What appears to be hard work to some…it really isn’t. I am so grateful to God for entrusting me with the care of His creatures. Flake has what is called a” parrot mouth”. From what I’ve read, this is hereditary and would not make her a good candidate for breeding.


“Wrong says the world….Right says He”. I told Flake she’ll end up being my best friend. She is smaller than the other two but man is she “spring-loaded”. She is a jumper and what a clown.

Flake playing "queen of the hill" with Molly

Everything is done outside for today. I take a seat for a moment to look at all His beauty. I take a look at my new patio that I am preparing to put in and envisioning how beautiful it will be as all three of the goats walk through it.

Rollo on my patio

All is ready and prepared.

The garden

There is peace in the waiting, there is peace in the action. Waiting is as necessary as performing action. All good things come in His time. We know that our time is not His time. To have respect for the desire He has placed in my heart and I know as I pursue my dream,  He will keep His promises to me.

Well, I’m off to lunch now and then to painting. Maybe you’ll be able to catch me at my other blog Bongo. Then off to Jaime’s first night of soccer practice. Hope your day is thrilling and exciting.


2 thoughts on “Raising them Up Right..wrong says the world..right says He

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    • We have 3 goats. I think we’ll be expecting a couple more around December this year. As our oldest, Molly, is expecting. Woo-hoo!

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