How to Make Rotting Wood Work-a dab of super glue, some duck tape?


It’s early Saturday morning and geeze-o- peets! It’s 28 degrees here in Georgia. The frost is creeping across the lawn as I look out the window. I had warmed up an old sweatshirt in the dryer for the kittens. The propane heater’s running full force and the oven is open to warm the place up too.

Momma cat with the other baby under the oven

I had a conversation with my sister and we were reminiscing of her vacation here over the summer of this past year. That was her first visit, (hahaha) and probably her last. I’m not sure if I had prepared her adequately as to how I do things down here in the south (a bit different than up north).  Anyway, I guess when she returned home everyone she met probably asked her “so how was your vacation?”. Her reply was “My sister is the only one I know who can take rotting wood and make it work”. We never laughed so hard. The laughs continue.

I am a firm believer of using what I have on hand. Most times people will run to the store for the smallest thing when in fact “that thing” is probably sitting in a dark corner of the closet (or it’s facsimile).

So would you like to see what I do with “rotting wood”?

The Pet Closet

One of the things I’ve done with rotting wood is make a pet closet. We now have 8 animals here. Five of them are indoors since the cat decided to have a litter. I went in my bathroom to take a shower one day and noticed I couldn’t get to it with all the animal food and supplies. That’s it! Right next to the bathroom is an open unfinished area where the furnace USED to be. Since the furnace was not functioning and the landlord was not going to make it functioning, he said I could take it out.  I DID. This area had been a catch-all for vacuums, brooms, shoes, newspapers and the like. Man! I’m so sick of all the plastic bags. I needed to put all the animal supplies in one spot where I won’t trip over them.

Let me sort through my stash of rotting wood to see what sizes I have to make a shelf. I had found a couple pieces to fit the width of the closet. These pieces came from the roof that was replaced.  Now I need some shelving. I’ll rummage through the remaining pieces of odd cut floor planks that were left from laying the wood floor in the living room. Hmmmm! There only seemed to be enough to put one shelf together. Two shelves would have been better. But wait! I have some plastic milk crates. What if I attached a crate to the underside of the shelf? That will work but I need one more piece of “rotting” wood. Found it! I secured a couple nails in place to hang the milk crate. Eureeka! It’s complete and functional. Now I have a place to store the dog food and supplies, the cat food and supplies, the plastic bags, the cat pan and litter. Yeah! I’m happy.

While I have all the tools out let’s see what else I can do. I still have some unused milk crates. I could use some shelves in my art room. I had them on the floor previously, but frankly I’m getting tired of taking up all my floor space. My son, who recently moved out, had left some more furnishings here and had adopted a desk.

So I found another piece of wood. This one is not rotted but rather a clean 1×4. I used the drill to anchor it into the wall studs. Again, driving a couple nails to secure each crate. Now I have a spot for my less frequent used art supplies.

art shelves

In case you are wondering by the picture above as to what I use the sticks for? I’ll let you know at a later time.

For now, the sun is out and promises to warm this morning up fast (I hope). It’s time to get warmed up by running around the house and yard. Bye for now.


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