How many Trees Will I Get If I…..?

How many trees will I get by planting newspaper? Paper comes from trees so if I recycle the newspaper back into the soil it will produce new trees..right?

That was my laugh for the day.

I was planting rapeseed and clover for ground cover this winter after reading about preparing the garden area for winter. That a winter crop will help minimize soil erosion and supply the soil with lost nutrients.  I had a few things in for winter but wasn’t utilizing my entire garden space like I do in summer.

I’m always keeping a watchful eye in the garden to see if anything has been whittled down by animals and to check the 6ft fencing I put up. I guess it was inevitable. One morning I went out and saw that all my plants had been devoured and my fencing was barreled down. Hmmm! I wonder who or what could have done that? The tracks in the soil confirmed my suspicions……..deer. That was the last straw. I was done with trying to have any winter vegetables. It’s just to hard. I took hold of the shovel and began to turn everything under. But I love gardening. OK then, I have a couple of months before planting in the spring…I’ll use this time to fertilize and get the soil ready. So I begin. One patch at a time.

I selected a size to work with. Digging down the length of the shovel I made a wide trench. First laying down newspaper, second layer is comprised of goat waste and straw, wetting this down and finally covering with a layer of dirt. I’ve never done this before so I am not sure of the results but I am hoping for my spring plants to produce a bit better than last year. I have used fish oil emulsion and miracle grow during the season. Both mixtures have burned up my plants so I’m staying away from commercial fertilizers.


So how long does it take newspaper to germinate? I’ll let you know.

Off to start the next patch of dirt. Digging the trench the same way as before only this time to come upon a huge cedar root smack dab in the middle. I am getting pretty good with this hole diggin’ thing. No problem right? I’ve done this before. Digging, digging, digging and I still can’t loosen this root up. Almost near broke the shovel.

Jaime holding the cedar root

Whew! Finally we were able to pull it out. It’s like pulling teeth. That’s it! Maybe it’s really a dinosaur tooth, after all, this area was all under water at one point. Jaime stands almost 5ft tall to give you some idea of the size hole this is. Glad that was done. Now I have to go and repair some fencing.

My friend brought over another load of pallets. Oh they are so useful. Just give me a hammer, some nails and cement….I’m a happy camper. I went to the local hardware store and picked up some rockmix, nails, and picked up some free posts which they acquire from shipments. I constructed another shelter using some of the pallets for the goats (now each has their own so there’s no reason for squabbling).

shelter #3

I have to finish with the hinged door and one more pallet for the roof. That leaves me with 7 or so pallets to use.

Jaime and I carried 3 pallets with posts and cement, nails, shovel and hammer to the opposite end of the garden. I had decided to fence the entire garden using pallets for the corners and 3 or 4 gates  securing wire fencing to continue in the front of the garden. One step at a time.

corner fencing

Reworking the 6ft chicken wire around the posts I set the pallet fencing behind. Let’s see those pesky deer knock this down. I think I’m one step up on them but I’m sure they will be laughing all the way.


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