It's a Masterpiece

Creation is truly a masterpiece. A far more beautiful thing than I could ever do with my own two hands. I get awe struck every time I see it in motion. Budding flowers opening, the sweet fragrance in the air. My part is so small in comparison to the grand design.

I move a few plant around. I prepare the soil. I hammer and drill a bit. All in preparation for the miracle of life to take place. What an honor it is to witness all these events.

Here is yet another new shelter. This one is made for our buck, Rollo. It was necessary to remove him from the main pen while the girls are in waiting.

a new shelter for Rollo

Flake and her baby were moved into the larger pen for more room and exercise.

Flake and baby Joy

Molly was moved into the delivery room (smaller) pen. Here we will wait for our new arrivals. Waiting is the hardest but the baby box is ready any time she is.

Molly expecting

While we are waiting for our new baby kids, walking the yard, we take delight in noticing the beautiful lupines are beginning to open. Ironically, I planted them last winter for the goats. Then I investigated further as to what to plant for them and lupines are considered poisonous as well as rape seed (I had also planted for them). I’m glad Molly didn’t get too much of these as I am enjoying them.

Lupines in bloom

I don’t worry to much about pruning my wisteria tree. The three goats prune this tree just fine. Now there is a beautiful bud on the tree and I am anxious to smell it’s sweet perfume.

Wisteria bud

These are the wonderful gifts of nature. All to often our lives are busy and hectic and we don’t notice them or we miss these special events that come with every change with the seasons.

There are times here where it seems like a three ring circus. I don’t have all my fencing in place for Molly, Flake and Rollo to go out at their leisure. I have to take them out separately for them to graze for a couple hours or so. But it’s coming along. While Rollo is out I can work in the garden and he is just fine sitting on the opposite side of the girl’s pen or grazing. Molly, well she’s another story. I have to watch her like a hawk as she loves to eat all the flowers and garden. You wouldn’t think she could run fast in her condition but she does. Flake is still timid and not sure if she wants to leave the pen or not. Baby Joy just loves to run and run and run. She enjoys playing games with her mama. I keep telling baby Joy that pretty soon she will have some cousins to romp around with. She’s so excited and so are we.

In the meantime we will take notice of all the wonders of creation while we wait.


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