Wait a minute!…That's not what the book said

Can I do this over again?

Yesterday, Molly was in labor all day long. Jaime had a baseball practice in the afternoon. Somehow, I knew Molly was going to kid sometime this day but I didn’t know the exact hour.

Morning came and went without incident. Jaime was pacing the floor watching the clock. Not because of her being anxious over Molly but rather because I told her that if Molly kid’s this day we weren’t going to practice. She is a typical kid.

We proceeded to get ready for practice. The baby box was ready and there really wasn’t much more we could do. Watching a goat in labor is like watching a pot preparing to boil. I’m sure Molly would have much rather we went to baseball practice then sit and watch her all day long. I know if it were me, I would rather not have anyone around.

The day of delivery

I gave Molly one last check to see where we were with this development. Jaime and I drove off to baseball practice.

Two hours later we returned home and again, checking Molly. She was laying on the ground with her feet in front of her. I decided to pull up a bucket and sit a spell. Ok, still nothing going on. We went in the house to have dinner. All the while listening through the open window as to any indication of her kidding. Nope, not yet. Time passed and it’s now getting near dark. There are no lights in the pen should she have them in the dark. Jaime and I went up to the gas station to purchase a flashlight just in case.

The dark night came on us and Molly still hadn’t kidded. It was about 7:30 pm when we decided to go in and settle for the evening. Hoping Molly could go until daylight of the next morning.

I had begun to fall asleep on the couch as this was my usual routine at night. Jaime decided to nudge me to wake me up and ask if I was going to check on Molly again? This was about 8:30 or so. I sleepily took hold of the flashlight and walked out to the pen. That’s when I saw things begin to happen. Knocking over the baby box which was tucked under a bucket, I gathered it up and took it in the pen with me. All I saw at this point was a sack of fluid, no kid. My thought was that maybe it was an under developed fetus or something.  Talking to Molly and holding the flashlight, all I could do is wait to see what came next.

Kid number 1

A beautiful kid, vibrant and alert. Molly is doing a great job.

I knew she was going to have two kids at least. So, here she goes again. What I wasn’t prepared for is that the second kid was coming breech. Even with the flashlight it was difficult to see. The sack wasn’t broken yet to indicate how the second kid was birthing. I saw a slight opening in the sack and opened it further. That’s when I noticed it was the hind legs and not the front. Jaime had decided to make her way to the pen in the dark at this point. Molly was having a time of it. I gave Molly a second dose of syrup at this point for her to continue to have the energy she needed to see this through. I wasn’t going to lose Molly. If we were going to lose any it would have to be the second kid. With gloved hand I had to open Molly wider and ease the second kid out. There was no time.

I got the second kid out and immediately syringed the mouth and dried it off. The kid had a lot of fluid in the lungs and was scarcely breathing. Jaime assisted with setting up the syringe and tubing for me to intubate. Now, that is something I’ve never done before. Truly, this was no time to be afraid. Thank goodness it worked as I slowly pumped the milk replacer in it’s little belly. The second kid picked up within a minute or two afterward.

Molly and the twins

Molly and her kids spent the night bonding. Jaime and I looked on for awhile afterward to make sure all were doing fine. I’ve been out already a couple times in the early morning hours to check on them.

Can’t wait to see them when daylight comes. They were beautiful in the dark, I can just imagine how awesome they’ll be come daybreak. We’re not sure of sex yet as it was too dark to tell. By the way, kid number 2 sure has a set of lungs now.

Anything can happen.


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