Springing toward the dream

One day has certainly rolled into the next without notice. Everything going on here seemed to roll right into the next day. It’s as though I’ve been running on fumes. And, what time is it?

In an attempt to keep this all straight and organized I have to retrace what events took place over the past few days. This is Tuesday, right?

Sunday night on 3/11/2012 Molly kidded twin bucks. PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS!.

Monday (3/12/2012) Jaime and I were still recovering from the events of Sunday.

Previously, while waiting for Molly to kid, I had been in talks with another goat herder on an exchange. The exchange agreement was for Rollo (my buck) and a Lamancha doe and her kid. The reasoning for this exchange was to satisfy Rollo’s desires which I hadn’t anymore girls for him and on the same token move toward my dream of producing dairy products. My operation setup and space at this time are limited.  I really don’t want more than I can devote time (personal attention) to. Sounds logical right?

Jaime and I hadn’t seen the doe and kid up until yesterday when we were out doing errands. We had stopped by to show pictures of our newest additions and our talks resumed on the exchange. Jaime and I drove to where the goats were and took a look.  Ok, we thought, no hurry. Nothing had been set in stone yet.

Later in the afternoon, things were fairly quiet and I thought I could catch up on a few winks of sleep when Jaime ran to the front door shouting “They’re here”. “Who’s here?” . That’s when we saw a huge truck and trailer pull in filled with goats. They had come to finalize the exchange.

Rollo didn’t quite know what to make of all the girls in the trailer. They seemed pretty interested in him, too. You’d think the girls have never seen a guy with a lime green halter before. He is pretty fashionable. Off they drove into the sunset. A short time later, the truck and trailer returned with the pair of Lamancha goats.

I had done some reading about the breed which are noted for their diary production and their even temperament.

Presently, I think she is a bit timid with all the moving around. We had placed her in the pen with Flake and baby Joy (our Alpines). All is relatively quiet. We have named them Cleo and Cookie.

Cleo, Cookie and Joy

I would say that this is about all I can take on for now. We have 5 does now, and 2 bucks. For the time being I will be focusing on handling and socializing. I’ve noticed that the Lamancha breed has some very long legs. They remind me of a gazelle. I have hope that our new family will be springing us closer to our dream.


2 thoughts on “Springing toward the dream

  1. Thanks for the “ping”back! And good luck with your newbies! I have just today had some shenanigans which had me split my goatsies up and so far it is all working out. The little one, a Lamancha, was being bullied persistently and so I intervened. She is now in a room for one and seems to be happy. Gosh darn kids, why can’t they just get along?!

    Have fun! And get some sleep!

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