This workhorse will run on hardboiled eggs

Just throw them at me, I don’t care. I can train them to know the word “cracker” but when it comes to the work around here they play like they are sleeping. I’m feeling like a workhorse today. Maybe I should have gotten those instead of goats.

With things heating up outside with the sun baking my head and now that we have four baby goats, it was time to take action in making suitable pasture for them. That little Joy is growing so fast. She’ll be a month old tomorrow.

Reading up on how to increase milk production and what they’re eating requirements are, I read to decrease their grain and allow them to forage more and eat hay.

Out at daylight this morning I took care of everyone and allowed them out to graze a bit. Then they all decided to go back in the pen. Ok, I wasn’t about to waste the day. I took my bandsaw in hand and went into the woods to select some trees to use for posts. I had found one with about a four inch trunk and began sawing. That wasn’t to bad. From one tree I was able to get 3 7ft posts. One section of pasture will only take around 12 of these trees. I’ve laid out the 3 posts to mark their location.

pallets and posts setup

I had decided to go with using the pallets for the corners to provide added support rather than fencing. I think I’ll paint the gate and corners white to give it more curb appeal.

distance from the road

It is set back a distance from the road and they will still have plenty room as well as the shade from the huge oak tree they love. You can see the one stall with the tarp on it. This section will include the stall for severe weather.

another front view

I think it will work out rather well.  The gate located in the center will be for the ease of pick up and drop off without worrying about running over the septic field. Hauling tree is the tough part. I am thankful that I’ve already had some in place for the garden and using the pallets eliminates the use of some posts. It is a gorgeous day out and I always love to get the most of these days.

This is the plan so far. I’m going to take a nap now that my eggs are hard boiled.


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