Yahoo has gift ideas for Mother's Day

But in my opinion they can’t compare with what I’ve already received.

A luscious zucchini

This is our garden this year for 2012. This garden is a gift and tribute to my mother who always had the desire in her heart. She always believed in eating fresh to stay healthy.  As she taught me, I teach my children. So, my dear sweet mother, we did it and we will continue to do it for years to come.

We finally made it

Last night I planted  blueberry bushes and begonias to finish off my spring planting. The blueberry bushes are Brightwell and Powder Blue varieties. After transplanting I secured the plants with a wire cage to keep them safe. Yep, they survived the night just fine.

baby blueberry

Walking the grounds I see our olive tomatoes. We enjoy picking them and eating them just as they are.

Olive tomatoes

We have a patch of sunflowers and peas I tossed for the goats to feed on. These three I took note of as if they are saying they’ll be opening soon.

We’ll sing for you soon

There are some tiny lemons this year. Last year the temperature was so hot our lemon tree never flowered.

tiny lemons

The cucumber plants are pregnant with baby cukes. This is our first pick.

crisp cucumbers

The green beans are coming in. I can hear them snapping already.

Oh! There you are green bean

We recently acquired chickens to help around here. Waiting for those eggs.

Aren’t those eggs ready yet?



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