Need a Planting Schedule?

Here is a quick planting schedule that you can download and use (pdf)


This is a suggested guide which I have found to work for me based on trial and error over the past 4 years. Adjusting to the soil and climate conditions of Georgia.

Always check for the last frost dates for your area.

Some tips that may be useful to you.

1) Tomatoes like strawberries.

You can investigate which vegetables are compatible with others.

2) Rabbit control.

Rabbits devoured my green beans many times. Many times of sprinkling peppers, positioning moth balls. Only running out and having to buy more. What I did find to work for me is to border my beans with tomato plants. The rabbits don’t like the pungent odor of the tomato leaf and I was able to harvest all my beans.

3) Plenty of Water.

It was necessary to reverse my watering habits. I am a morning person and so I naturally assumed my plants were morning plants. Not so. As I drove by farms at dusk I noticed area farmers would water at night. I began doing the same. Saving my plants from being burned by the morning sun.

4) Trenching the rows.

With this method of trenching the rows during planting I was able to provide my corn and other vegetables with adequate water during dry periods of summer. When there is no rain in sight, flood the trench with water.

5) Sandy Soil.

I had asked my neighbor about planting in the sand. He has a beautiful garden each year. He also has rich soil and is only a few houses away. My garden area is in full sun and sandy. The first year I had difficulty getting my plants to take root. His tip: build in hills. It worked.

6) Taking Root.

Another useful tip that works for your starters to take root is to soak off all the packing material your starters are planted in. I take a 3lb. coffee can with me when I begin with my starters and gently wash off the packing material with water before planting.


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