Where was She Buried?

“She went out during the storm to dry up the horse stall when all of a sudden her muck boots were devoured in a vacuum of mud. It was awful.”

That’s the story they will tell anyway. No we weren’t buried, but it was pretty darn awful. I didn’t want to take pictures of this horrific scene. The camera would have been swallowed. I couldn’t tell you how many inches of rain we’ve received so far and there is more to come.

Thank goodness, the goats and chickens were fine and not needing much attention. The only thing they could do is stand in their stalls and coop until it passed.

The horses were another matter. I am definitely considering redesigning their stall and locating it on higher ground. I know I will not be using pallets for the new design.
Their stall was under water. Pouring rain, I am trying to think how to get the water out of the stall. The only thing that came to mind was to trench it out. The side of their stall is located next to our garden. I began trenching the inside back corner of the stall, going down about 8 inches, continuing on the outside and out into the garden area. We ended up digging a trench approximately 10ft in length x 10 inches deep. The water drained to where it was out of the stall. Then we began filling the stall with some unused hay from a previous bale and stomping it down into the muddy stall to where at least they would not be standing in water but rather on the hay. That was the best we could do for the horses at that time.

washday 002

Weather forecast today: No rain

We will still be trying to dry things up a bit. Hopefully, mother nature will be good to us by letting the sun out to do most of the drying.

No planting yet in our garden as we are still expecting more rain and some cold temps. We are planning on planting more tomatoes this year. Watching the temperatures in March for the Metter, Georgia area, it is looking more toward the middle of March before we will be planting.


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