Horse Manure Fuel Bricks put to the Test-Does it Work?

So, did it work? Yes, it did.

Despite the name “brick“, they are lightweight. The term “brick” is used for the shape of it.

horse manure brick

horse manure brick

After all the rain we had received over the past week along with the cold weather, I thought the bricks I had made were all washed up. The sun finally showed up one day which gave a renewed energy to get the garden area cleaned up for planting. That’s where the bricks were supposedly drying.

We fired up the burn pit to get rid of broken limbs from the trees and set the rack with the bricks on top. The bricks emitted smoke only due to some moisture from all the rain. We noticed that the bricks were hard and 3 out 4 retained their shape despite the rain. There was no odor in the burning. The burn time is about an hour.

In selecting which horse manure pile to use, as there are so many, we didn’t want any that were filled with long strands of hay. We determined that the freshest piles, farthest way from the hay ring were best suited. Filling a 5 gallon bucket was sufficient. The manure is comprised mainly of water. Placing the manure in the mold and bearing the weight of the boot, using the pressure on the heel, the water will rise to the surface. Repeating the heel pressure several times to ensure a tight packing into the mold. The actual drying time will be different depending on your location. Here in the south, we are coming on some warmer weather so we will be able to make them in the morning and let the heat of the sun do the rest. They should be dry in about 1 week.  A little refinement in the mold box along with a storage area to keep them dry and this project will be given a “green light”.

How to clean up the ash after burning your bricks? Return the ash to your garden. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Your garden will thank you with an abundant harvest.

Should you decide to give this a try for your own fuel needs, we hope this update has helped.

We, at Tarolyn Farms, are in keeping with our surroundings. We are the caregivers of the earth and are grateful to God for all the resources He has given us.


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