Chicken Coop made from Pallets

Our chicken coop is quickly becoming a chicken condo.

This began as a modest (simple) pen design using pallets for our first flock of hens and rooster. Some of this is visible behind the front coop of this picture. The location of their pen is next to our goat pen which was constructed entirely of pallets. So, one wall was already in position. The exterior wall of the first run was put in place using a pallet which was doubled making it long enough. A pallet was used for the roof portion and then a tarp was placed over that.  Posts were secured to the pallet to anchor into the ground, digging 2ft holes per post. Chicken wire was stapled to the inside of the coop, roof, and a pallet door. The cost involved with the first run was $10 for the cost of nails or screws/hinges and $25 for the chicken wire.

We were allowing our chickens to free range until we had one wonder off. We looked for her for about 3 weeks in the woods. We concluded that she was not returning so my daughter wanted a yard for them. We gathered fallen trees to supply us with the posts and another $25 for 50ft of chicken wire. another pallet was used to construct the door. I had disassembled some of our horse stall framing that was not going to be built and used that framing to use to frame the chicken yard along with tree limbs. They seem to be happy in their little yard. I like them in their yard so when I go to collect eggs I know where they will be. We do let them free-range after 4pm when all  the eggs have been laid.

The following spring rolled around and my daughter was wanting some more chicks. I wasn’t to keen on the idea. I thought we had enough. We ended up with another flock of 5 hens and another rooster (to our surprise). Of course with that came more construction.

The second coop design was built off the first run still using pallets. A second story was built to serve as a nesting area.  Chicken wire stapled to the inside walls of the ground floor and a pallet door hinged. The cost of the second story was $57 for supplies and the particle board which we waterproofed. I continued to use pieces of lumber I had saved from other projects. I had to redesign one of the goat stalls which contained a partition, I used this partition on the back side to construct the nesting boxes.


There is a cut out in the floor and we built a ladder for them to go up and roost at night.

I know it doesn’t look like much but thank goodness our chickens are more concerned with chasing bugs that they don’t seem to mind.




3 thoughts on “Chicken Coop made from Pallets

  1. I think you’ve built an amazing chicken coop. It appears to be sturdy and it’s providing plenty of space for your growing flock of chickens. Well done!

  2. I had pet chickens when I was young. To me there is little difference between a chicken and parakeets or cockatiels.

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