The Zen of Poo

outsidetheboxWhat to do when the heat reaches 92? Immerse yourself with the Zen of Poo.

Stepping out of the box we will explore the topic of poo with it’s outward qualities and what it says to you. I hope you will find this post enlightening as well as entertaining.

Opening Meditation:

Manure makes excellent fertilizer

                                                     ……Life has ordure.

When you water your plants you sometimes have to feed them. Manure is an excellent way to feed plants.  Isn’t that funny? Something that is so repellent when stuck to your shoe is so important to sustaining life.

In the fields, everything is saved. Night soil helps things grow. We grow vegetables, eat vegetables, excrete vegetables, and give the waste back to the soil so that vegetables can grow again. Truly, it is said: Everything is borrowed.

Our days are filled with the love and caring for our animals (the goats, the chickens, the horses, the dog). Poo is a big part of our day. We tend the pens and stalls, we rake it and shovel it. Poo is an indicator should there be a concern with any of the animals. So you might be pondering the question as to how can poo be relevant to maintaining your peace?

Our routine each day is filled with the activities of maintaining our animals and gathering our collection of milk and eggs. Starting at 7am I take my seat on the crate and begin milking with one hand and calming the kids with the other as they wait for their momma.

The goat pen is the first to be raked out making sure everyone’s poo is the way it should be. Pelleted, not clumped. Rich brown toward black in color.

Next, it’s over to the horse stall and yard. This area takes the longest to freshen. Lately we’ve experienced about 3 months of rain. It has taken all our efforts to build up their stall so they are a little dryer. Their poo will range from green to gold in the summer while they are grazing on more grasses and it should be uniform in shape. Lacy and Scout do a fine job with their daily deposits. These are our physical activities daily.

But now there seems to be some magic about “poo”. Raking the poo in the goat pen is different from raking the poo in the horse pen.

The goat pen is raked with a sweeping motion of a fan rake. Rather with some form of rhythm, soft and gentle.

The horse stall is raked with 3 heavy beats then to a gentle slide to smooth with a thatching rake.

This creates a meditative outward motion blocking out all external distractions. Suddenly, as if woken from a dream I thought “woops! I got lost their for a moment. Oh wait! I was actually found.” Found being happy, relaxed, filled with Joy in a world we have created. We take joy in cleaning “poo”.

If this describes your day…I’ll bet you are happy too!

( Opening Meditation reference cited: 365 Tao Daily Meditations     Deng Ming-Dao)


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