Slugs and Snails-A call for Action.

I was speaking with a fellow goat owner and friend yesterday naturally weather was the focus of the conversation. Nothing but rain for the past 3 months. I sat at my kitchen table last night watching another down pour of rain thinking I will be amazed if my goats survive this. Rain, high temperatures, humidity are resulting in an over population of slugs and snails. This is a call for action. I’ll not take this lying down and neither will my goats.

English: Plate with various land slugs

English: Plate with various land slugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the course of the summer both my friends had suffered loss of their goat herds. No one seemed to know why. Goats appeared healthy and then suddenly went down. We had acquired a young buckling over the summer who appeared fine with the exception of his stool. I knew that soft or runny stool was not a good indication of proper health for a goat. My first attempts at correction offered very little reprieve of his condition. Still his attitude was good and he didn’t carry any other symptoms of illness. I investigated further into his background to learn that he was the only survivor from the lot he was purchased from. I continued with treatments, and reading, and more treatments and reading. Learning that a program has to be implemented. It is not one single treatment that will control these veracious parasites.

A course of action could include some or all of the following:

1:   Do not permit the goat to feed on the grass in the morning. Allow the grass to dry off. Feed dry/fresh hay instead.

2:   At first signs of soft or runny stool treat the drinking water with Neomycin Oral Solution. You can drench the single goat with Neomycin and water orally. Neomycin Oral Solution is designed to treat diarrhea.

3:    Replace the electrolytes in the goat with an electrolyte solution or Powerade in a drench. Also, drench with an anti-diarrhea medication such as Pepto-Bismol.

4:     Apply a top-dressing of Probios powder to maintain good intestinal health in their daily feed ration.

5:    Once weekly-worm with an herbal wormer this can be purchased at Apply as a top-dressing.

6:    Once monthly-worm with a stronger worming agent. I am presently using Rumatel from   .

7:     Keep their hooves trimmed and washed. You can spray with a 10% solution of bleach and water. Keep their pens as clean as possible.

We have 3 adult goats and 3 kids at the present time and all are doing well.


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