Tough Choices, Who is Milking that Cow?

Self-sufficiency does not mean that we don’t make trips to town and visit a supermarket for some things. The weather is getting colder and our lettuce, broccoli and cabbage are coming in beautifully but it will be another month or so before we can harvest the fruits of our labor. We were able to freeze some of the goat milk to stretch things out and our two girls have dried up since. Now, I will make a purchase of a 1/2 gallon of whole milk from time to time. Among all the choices we have (plastic or carton), whole, 2%, or skim; I stay with whole milk and I like to stay local in town so I chose “Superior” brand milk. I had a little sense of security in the fact that they place an additional seal over the mouth of the milk container. On this particular 1/2 gallon we experienced a much different surprise when we peeled the seal off the container. You can see by the photograph: DSC04122This seal is exposed to the milk in the container. At first I thought it might be mold but when I rubbed it the coloring did not come off. This  leads me to think it is rust of some sorts. Either way, we did not drink the milk and are returning it to the store. I was able to locate the local distributor for that particular store to which I had submitted the pictures. Maybe they can find out who is milking that cow.  I had not seen this in all my years and that’s a lot of years. Trust and confidence are a thing of the past. Trust and confidence in corporate America, in the Food and Drug Administration, all the companies that assure us they are providing us with the “best” products. Our hard earned dollars making purchases on food that we can not eat. I will be taking our dollars to purchase a few more dairy goats to ensure that what we are drinking is milk. If you don’t milk a goat you don’t know what you’ll get.


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