The Pine cone says-“It’s going to be Fair today”

Weather forecasting with a pine cone is fun. I have it sitting on my outdoor table and refer to it just as Spongebob consults the Magic Conch Shell. Today, the pine cone says “it’s going to be fair today”. How do I know this by looking at a pine cone? The cone is beginning to open up.

DSC04460Yesterday, we experienced rain in the morning. How do you know it’s going to rain by looking at a pine cone? It will be completely closed.

DSC04440Of course there are many methods used to determine the weather like looking at the sky, moisture in the air. All are about as accurate as the local weatherperson. But this method is rather fun and adds a chuckle to the day.

It certainly does not tell me how much rain we are going to get. So when the rain began to fall I was in the midst of taking apart pallets for my potato crib. The rain came down in buckets, then it would let up and come down again.

I worked through the rain building the potato crib. When the rain stopped I had completed the project and it was ready to fill with layers of compost materials. The first or bottom layer of material is composted hay with goat and chicken manure.

DSC04442Adding a second layer of composted aged horse manure. I am allowing the composted materials to sit awhile before planting the potato tubers. Then as the potatoes grow I will continue to add layers of dirt and compost. The middle sidebars are removable to dig for the spuds. I will continue to add more side wall as I fill. The spaces in the pallet should work well for aeration if we should have a summer of rain. This way the spuds will not be rotting underground.

This is my version of growing potatoes in a container. I’ve looked at growing potatoes in a bag and different containers and my thoughts always refer back to last year with 3 solid months of rain. My thoughts were to develop something which would allow for aeration also ants run deep around here which have killed off the last four years of potato planting. Valentine’s day is soon approaching, get your tubers ready.


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