Chicken Math

Spring is in the air

Blossoms blossoming

Sun is shining

Grass is greening

Chicks are everywhere.

This is our new Spring brood to add to our flock of hens and roos.

chicks 045Our first local purchase was of two orpington chicks and two lace-wing wyandotte chicks.

Jaime used her method of sexing the chicks by examining the length of the feathers on the wings. We are hoping her method works as we are wanting more hens than roos.

Jaime really, really, really wanted some silkie chicks. Well, it just so happened we were able to purchase a few of those locally also. I said “only two” .

chicks 2 002

Here they are.

chicks 2 001

4 +2 = 8

How’s that for chicken math?


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