Name the Due Date Contest

Molly and Flake are both expecting kids soon. Flake is always a surprise. Truthfully, I didn’t think she’d let a buck near her. She likes to play “hard to get”. They are due sometime in March/April.



Flake never looks pregnant right away. This is her third freshening and she always produces one beautiful kid.



You can see that her udder is beginning to fill out nicely. I think we still have some time yet. We are not quite within our two week time frame.



This is Molly. She fills out very nicely and always produces beautiful twins. This is also her third freshening.



Molly’s udder is just now beginning to fill. Of course we can’t forget Barbie (she’s not expecting).

Here’s the contest:

Who ever guesses closest to their actual delivery will receive a vial of “gold-dusted” goat poo to decorate your houseplants.

goldpoop goldpoopsample

(a value of $25.00)

When they actually deliver, the date will be posted as well as the winners closest to the date (within 4 days).

At that time we will select the winners which you will then need to contact us with your information of where to send your prize. Use the comment section on this post to post your guess along with your name.

We will post pictures of their development as they progress. This contest begins now.

Good Luck.


3 thoughts on “Name the Due Date Contest

  1. Thank you both for guessing the due dates. Flake (our Alpine) delivered a beautiful little girl on April 11, 2012. Please keep the guesses coming as Molly will be next in line..She’s not quite at the “any day now” mark.

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