How to tell if your goat is pregnant

I am no expert but when your doe looks like this……


its a good indication that she is and will be delivering anytime within a two week time frame. This picture was taken last evening. About an hour prior to this she was not this size-it fills that quickly. Always check your does. So at this point we’ve now begun to separate her from the yard and placing her in our nursery stall where she will be under constant watch. We will be preparing our baby box with things like iodine, clamps, gloves, scissors, syringe of molasses and water (for energy for mom), bulb syringe to remove fluids from kid (or you can hold the kid upside down to drain fluids), towels and/or newspaper. We will have a baby bottle on hand of cows milk should the kid show distress in nursing. We give it a little time but they will usually latch on.

We prefer to allow the girls their natural instincts to care for their kids without our involvement, they are very good moms and allow us to watch the event. The items listed are only to have on hand with the exception of the molasses, as mom will need a few oral doses to keep her energy up. We generally give two or three doses throughout the birthing process.

These are some of the things we’ve found useful to have in our birthing box which sits by the back door when the time is right.



For those who have entered our contest 

I would venture to say that we are now within our two week time frame for Flake. Any time now.

Both girls are expecting and the following pictures were taken just days ago.


DSC04722You can see their udders are filling in preparation for the big event.


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