What do you get when you cross a snake?

I don’t know…but if I were you I would get out of the way, fast.

kingsnake  snake

It has certainly been a season for snakes in the farmyard this year. The king snake (pic on the left) we left alone as we have heard from the local farm center that they are useful and non-poisonous. Before we found out what the snake on the right was (an eastern milk snake) it had already been introduced by my friend “the shovel”. This has been the most I’ve seen since we’ve been here in Georgia, 5 years now.

It’s as though there had been a rush of snakes for almost two weeks straight. Before heading out the door in the morning I would look out the window to see if any were hanging from the trees or slithering on the ground. My guess is that the chickens were going deeper into the woods and stirring up their nesting places. It’s been well over a week or so and we haven’t come across any more slithering things. Every once in awhile I give our hose a second glance before picking it up just to be on the safe side.

Our garden is in full swing this season. The plants are loving the high temps and 100% humidity.

DSC05061    DSC05062

At the present time we are gathering green beans, cucumbers, green peppers and cherry tomatoes.

From our winter planting the carrots and potatoes were successful in finding a permanent spot in the raised beds.

DSC04950   potatoes

Root vegetables such as these did not do well planting directly in the sandy soil we have. After experimenting with different locations in our garden area (which tested unsuccessful for 4 years) I had some donated materials with which I made raised beds. We keep trying no matter how long it takes.

DSC04724                                                                                 potato crib

The horses loved the carrots and the goats loved the carrot tops. We’ve enjoyed the potatoes. The potato variety was Russet. The eyes were started from the ones purchased from the store. Surprisingly to me, was the color and flavor of the ones we grew to the ones purchased. Our homegrown potatoes were golden in color and packed with flavor.

Every day is filled with challenges and surprises. Today is no exception….have to go out and stake up our monster tomato plants that were blown over from last nights storm.

We hope you enjoy our postings…stay tuned, there’s more to come. Next, we will show you all the babies we have around here. Busy, busy, busy.

Blessings to you.


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