Every Day has it’s Story

Every day has it’s story. Today is no exception.

It is a sweltering 90 plus degrees. Today would make a great “dog day” of summer. Sun blazing, not a breeze anywhere. This kind of day was already anticipated so I was up at 2:30am to get a jump on things. Making yogurt yesterday and allowing it to ferment on the counter in the yogurt maker, I pushed the start button to the coffee and checked the status of the yogurt. Good to go, it pulled from the sides of the container clean and smooth. I knew it was the right consistency and placed it in the refrigerator.

This morning began outside first by milking the two girls Molly and Flake. Hazel, one of Molly’s kids was anxious to see her mom so she escaped the nursery and came into the large pen. To her surprise, mom was quarantined in the pen/stall this time. I wasn’t as lucky yesterday as Hazel escaped and nursed mom dry before I was out there.


This mornings milking was a bit more peaceful and I was able to collect 4 cups between the two moms. I then process the milk by filtering it into a sterile mason jar and then empty each jar into a sterile glass 9 x13 pan which is in the refrigerator to collect the cream for making butter. After processing the days milk, another cup of coffee and  logging the morning happenings it’s time to care for the animals. We clean the yards, release the flocks of chickens, fresh hay for everyone, and lots of cold fresh water. While working in the horses yard, I open the connecting gate and allow the goats over to eat and graze. We usually get done with everything by 10:30am. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s just about the time we are drenched with sweat as it beads off our noses.

Now it’s time to stop and refresh. Yep, I get in there too.


Ok! that’s enough refreshing, let’s collect our vegies. Have you checked the corn?


At least 15 ft tall. It’s so tall we had to plant two more rows just to keep it going.


We gathered green peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes and strawberries.

Wait a minute! What are we going to do with the strawberries?


Break for lunch with fresh yogurt, wild blueberries, strawberries and brown sugar.

Now we’ll take a siesta until about 4pm where we will do it all over again.

Enjoy this day. Find musings and blessings in every thing.





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