Preserve our Precious Power Lines

We must preserve our precious power lines at all cost.

dscn3138This is not my stand but I am sure it is the stand of the county when it comes to maintaining their lines using the cheapest method possible-chemical sprays. By using chemical sprays it reduces the amount of manpower needed to trim away foliage from the lines, thereby reducing cost.

Their power lines are being attacked by wild blackberries and goldenrod. They must protect the lines from these invasive predators.


This photo was of a beautiful bush in my front yard which I would mow around so as to keep it. It displayed the most beautiful delicate yellow flowers. Not any more.

The roped off area in the top photo was for the horses to graze on. Not any more.

This makes me so sad to see beautiful foliage destroyed by these chemicals. We would gather the goldenrod, dry it and use it for tea. I guess we will have to head into the back area where the purple passion flowers hide along with the deer nibbling on wild blackberries before they all disappear.


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