Are You Seeing Red?

Are you seeing red? We sure are. It must be sauce making time.

seeingredThis was our first picking of tomatoes.


The joys of prepping the tomatoes. Peeling and seeding.

Education doesn’t stop around here. Teaching Jaime the culinary arts. Cutting green peppers for the sauce. Then on to the onions.


This batch yielded 3 1/2 qt of sauce which we placed in our freezer.


Happy Harvest everyone.


5 thoughts on “Are You Seeing Red?

  1. Good for y’all! I canned 16 pints of salsa this week but considering the turkeys ate all my tomato plants I had to go buy a box at the farmers market! I DID manage to grow the peppers, onions and garlic though. πŸ™‚

    • You’re ahead of us then with the onions and garlic. We definitely overdid it on the tomato plants. Had to fence it in from our chickens. lol.

  2. I normally avoid anything that might mean using the kitchen… but, I did notice that cute crock pot in the background with chickens on it! CUTE! Where did you ever find it? πŸ™‚

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