What’s the Attraction?

I’m still trying to figure out what the attraction is. Soft, cute, cuddly-ok you got me there…..eat all day and poop every where.

Guest Posting by J Lindall:

In March we saw some Silkies, Wyandottes, and Buff Orpingtons on Craigslist and we wanted some since last year. So we called the person who had them and we went to get some Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.

In these photos the Silkies were only 2 days old and the Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons were 2 weeks old. They got along just fine.

Then we started to build them a coop so they could go outside. We figured they could all share the coop because they were little. So they could all stay outside together. We used 3 inch screws to hold the boards together and chicken staples so the chicken wire wouldn’t come undone from the post.


The above photo is the floor.


Floor complete with the opening for the chickens.


Completed  coop.


They are outside all day they have this one branch they like to sit on. They just relax in the morning and evening.


Here they are 17 weeks old






We are still trying to find out who is a hen and who is a rooster on the Silkies, so far we think the white one with a comb is the rooster.


Happy gathering 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s the Attraction?

  1. Depending on the breed you may have to wait until they start crowing. I find if you look at tail and neck feathers you can see who is a pullet or a roo. The Cuckoo Marans I have you can tell by the spot on their head. Boys have a solid white spot and girls spot is defused. But with those fuzzy ones with the fancy head-dress I am as clueless as you!

    • We have several techniques we use in the beginning but as they age we begin to doubt those techniques. Always clueless …….:)

  2. With silkies it is so hard to tell! Mine were hatched the week of Easter and I think they are all hens but only time will tell. The others are already crowing and thinking they are hot stuff! You have some great ‘poofs’ there! Love the black and the gray!

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