Do-It-Yourself Fly Mask


Lacey looks like the masked bandit. With the heat and gnats that swarm daily it was necessary for me to come up with a fly mask to protect her eyes and not constrain her visibility. Lacey had contracted an infection from the dust and debris flying around. I flush her eyes twice a day with water and change her mask twice a day.

You can purchase a fly mask from any local retailer or an online store that carries horse supplies. Before I jump in the car…I ask myself “what do I have here that will do the job?” For this fly mask I came upon a sheer curtain I had laying around. I held it to my face to see if I could see through it and I could. My guess was that Lacey would also be able to see through it. It needs to be breathable but keep the gnats off her eyes.

I cut the curtain in strips wide enough to cover the area and long enough to fit through the rings on each side of the halter. Simply securing the ends through the rings on each side of the halter. I could draw glasses on it to jazz it up a bit but since I am not washing the fabric I thought that would be a bit much. This is day 3 and she is learning it is more comfortable than having gnats in your eyes.



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