Is Your Chicken Grade A-Fancy?


Is your chicken grade A-Fancy? Dressed in floral or polka-dots. Ready to do the dancey.

Our neighbors drove down the hill the other day looking to rid their yard of some young roosters. It pays to be the first stop as we took the young roosters…to serve at our table. My neighbor did the honors. I couldn’t do that (at least not at this time). It is easier if you are not attached to them. Seeing that we had just met them we weren’t attached in any way.

I’m not sure who had the more difficult task. The one doing the honors or the one dressing (or should I say undressing?).

I had my neighbor stick them in a covered pot until I could muster the courage to undress. I haven’t dressed a bird in about 25 years (when I was much younger and would tackle any challenge). I knew it had to be done soon to maintain the freshness of the bird. I don’t have a dedicated spot for this so I had to locate one in the yard and run down a list of tools I would need.

I will spare you pictures of the process as I wanted to maintain my focus at the time. Sorry, no pictures.

I located a spot in the garden at my greenhouse. I first dug a hole in the garden to put the remains. I located two utility buckets and a 5 gal pail where I placed a trash bag for the finished product. One utility bucket was to place the birds (until I was ready for them). The other was to catch the remains. I had two knives, not really knowing which one was the most sharp. Held my breath and went to town with 3 young roosters.

I simply refuse to pay $5.00 or $6.00 per package of chicken at the store. Needless to say I was ready for a nice chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and fresh corn on the cob.

The job was done, I had Jaime put the stock pot on the stove to clean them up a bit more before freezing.


I don’t think the grocery chain will be contacting me for their butcher position but it’s good for us.

We enjoyed a wonderful chicken dinner.



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