She Walks Among Them


She walks among them undetected. Escaping the distracted guard.


Joy has returned home after being made available by the original buyer. We jumped at the chance.


Being away for 2 years her mother, Flake, doesn’t remember her. Flake is the dominant doe and treats Joy as any other new comer. Joy has to establish herself within the herd. It’s been a slow process.

Introducing new members is not an easy task, it takes time. We want her safe and to be able to settle in with confidence in her new surroundings. Making sure she has a stall to herself when we are not in the yard, with plenty of hay and fresh water. The first few days she underwent an examination. Inspecting her hooves with necessary trimming, gave her a CDT vaccination and dewormer. Now she’s ready for socializing. Be patient it just takes time and a little special attention to build a trust bond.

Joy has been with us for a week and she is just beginning to feel comfortable grazing with the other members and knowing where the boundaries are.

Some things to consider when introducing a new goat to the herd:

  • have a separate location to isolate upon arrival
  • give an overall examination on the health of the animal before introducing to other members, providing the necessary care.
  • introduce gradually, then for longer periods of time. Strengthening bonds.

We look forward to having Joy compliment our breeding and dairy program.



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