Screws will Hold it all Together

Two days later all that’s needed are the screws to hold it all together. Day 1 was spent moving the stall from one spot to the other. Killing  wasps which had nested between the pallet slats, deciding on a good spot in the yard somewhere that receives some shade from the scorching sun. This seemed the best location. This is the new playhouse for our buck, Rollo.

dscn3229Day 2 of constructing was to hinge the gate. When opened it will lead Rollo into the horse pasture where he and a playmate (one of our selected girls) can be all day long.

Sorting through wood and pallets which were donated last year we were able to find useable materials to  complete this project. All that’s needed are the screws to hold it together which will finish the final wall.

Of course as we are trying to fit this together all the goats have to be underfoot to investigate, to play and goof around.


2 month old Rollo

He’s young at the moment but already starting to get frisky with the girls. We are aiming at controlling who gets bred and when providing us with a continuous supply of fresh milk throughout the year. It is necessary to separate the bucklings from the does so that he is not producing before he matures or before the does mature. We don’t want any unplanned happenings.

We had a beautiful buckling last year but was not looking forward to construction as it takes so much energy so we sold him.  Little bucklings are a handful.  I wasn’t going to let this one slip away and pushed on to get a new pen made.  Exhausted today and feeling accomplished.

Happy Healthy goats 🙂



4 thoughts on “Screws will Hold it all Together

  1. Looks good! It’s a lot of work changing everything all around, but when you step back… it always seems worth it! I get in a rut with chores, nothing like a bit of change, yet I still wait until I’m forced into it by some drama among the critters!

    • Thanks Amy. When I lay my head at night at least I KNOW why I’m tired. hahaha! 🙂 Hope all is going well with your restructuring.

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