Bean Evaluation

New scientific studies….love them

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I set out this summer to discover which bean would be the best bean for our family and our climate.  I tried beans last year and… well, it was pretty pathetic, so I decided to do this experiment.

I started with the following beans:

– dragon tongue bush beans

– blue lake bush beans

– red-seeded asparagus beans

– Missouri wonder pole beans

– Roma II bush beans

The results were interesting.


Dragon tongue bush beans:  These were in some of the worst soil.  It was a fail on my part.  With some amendments they recovered, but suffered pretty bad when the night time temps went into the mid-80s.  However, they produced fairly well.  The beans themselves are interesting.  Probably not my favorite for flavor, but not a bad bean.  Very edible.  We will definitely grow these again.

Blue lake bush beans:  I expected the blue lake…

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