Are You a Mudslinger ?


Not quite sure if you are a mudslinger or not? Here are some tell tale signs:

  1. If you watch for approaching storms with excitement
  2. You say, “Oh! it’s gonna be a good one”
  3. After an all night soaking you spring from your bed to put on your muck boots
  4. You run out the door to assess the depth of the mud
  5. Grabbing your rake and shovel you make patterns in the mud
  6. You fill the holes and stomp on them only to savor the sound of “sluuurrrrrp” (you know, that sucking vacuum sound) as you try to pull your boot out
  7. Didn’t pack a hole tight enough and sink down to your knees having fun in finding something to grab onto to pull out with
  8. You have filled it all in, packed it all down, returning later in the day to do it all over again

If you exhibit any of these tendencies then you are a TRUE, DIEHARD MUDSLINGER.

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