Teaching Kids the Art of Smart

Teaching our kids the art of smart when it comes to making choices about snacking. It’s not really difficult at all. Snacking is not a bad thing in fact for diabetics the way of controlling insulin levels is to eat smaller portions more frequently (in other words-snacking). A snack is a smaller portion.

The American household has run-a-muck with eating. The  “breakfast, lunch and dinner” model is serving up huge portions of false ideas on healthy eating in colorful packages. I read a comment yesterday on a post stating that “Obesity and Poverty” go hand in hand. That is a totally false observation. One has nothing to do with the other which is why I am writing this post. It’s all a matter of what you choose to eat.

g6576Kids watch their parents snacking habits. They will follow suite. We have had to make dietary choices only due to the economic climb of the retail food industry. So it worked out that it is really for our good that we can’t buy the 1/2 gallon of ice cream anymore. I found we can still have ice cream making it from fresh goat milk and it tastes delicious.

This years garden has produced wonderfully and continuously. At the moment we are growing sweet potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts and lettuce. The green pepper has proven to be our bumper crop this year- it is still producing since spring. Enjoying green pepper fresh and stir fried over rice has been a bite of freshness with every serving.

Teach children through example and they will carry on these good choices as adults.

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