Columbia, Dark and Robust

“Mom, you better look at Joy.” Jaime yells from the yard. I was busy getting everyone’s morning ration of hay. “Why, what’s wrong?” I responded. “She’s arching her back.” was the reply. The barrel was full so I headed out into the yard to see what’s going on with Joy.

When I first went out in the morning I saw that Joy’s bag was full and thought our buck, Rollo, had performed his services well. Maybe we had a month or so to go. Catching a glimpse as to what Joy was doing and she was dispelling the content showed me there was no more time left. We literally had to drag her into a stall for her to continue the process. I didn’t even know she was pregnant.


Then comes the sweetest little kid. All black with one white hoof. That’s not Rollo’s kid. Joy must have been pregnant when she came to us. I had no supplies ready for this one other than my jacket that I had on. I sent Jaime into the house to grab the box anyway. Maybe there would be something in there from the last time it was used. Oh and don’t forget the camera!

Nothing was needed. Joy did just fine. Meet little Columbia born on Columbus Day. Taking her first steps on dry land. Dark and robust.


Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all. This is Joy’s third freshening but not here with us as we had just purchased her earlier this year. So I wasn’t sure what her history of deliveries had been only that she produces one kid, like her mom.

Now, the training will proceed to getting Joy on the milk stand. She’s never been milked. We’ll start that over the course of the next week or so.


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