Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading


In my efforts to support the movement toward homesteading and sustainability I have compiled my thoughts and experiences to publish this primer for future homesteaders. Those that have been homesteading for sometime will certainly get a chuckle out of it and I’m sure will be able to relate through their own experiences.

Here is a sneak peak of what waits for you.

                     Have you ever had that feeling?
I was recently asked “Have you been doing this your whole life?”. I had to chuckle to myself with a  little sense of pride as they were noticing the corn which had grown some fourteen feet tall. My response to the question was a resounding “Lord! No, it took me 35 years to get here”.

Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading will be available to purchase through Amazon.com. I will post when it becomes available. Until then, please continue to follow this blog for a dose of laughter.

Happy Homesteading



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