Miss Molly take a Memo…

ofcmgr Miss Molly take a memo…

“Beginning this morning, everyone is to report to their appointed locations to receive their morning breakfast. There is to be no frolicking or charging the gates.

Next: Please have the milkers ready to report to their station for the days collection. This would include Joy and the Sr. Adviser, Flake.

sradvisor                    dscn3215

This is the station where they need to go.


Following the morning milking let the foreman, Rollo, know that he is only “foreman” at 2pm when he is out with the girls. If he continues to misbehave I will have to make the fence taller and suspend his social privileges.

DSCN3521                dscn3221

There is a new designation assigned to the younger members. They will belong to the group “Future Milkers of America”. This includes Ivory, Hazel and Columbia.

DSC05280     DSC05297


This is an honored position and we expect great things from each of them. Let Hazel know that she is to big to enter the “think tank”. This is reserved for the youngest members.


Now I know browsing is scarce due to changes in the weather but let everyone know they must respect the fence line and be considerate of our neighbors. We are growing a fresh crop of rape seed. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

DSCN3531    mollybarbie

Finally, at the end of the day I expect everyone to report back to headquarters.


Thank you.


The Fanatic Farmer.

Molly our Boer princess


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