Found… 21 days Later

A new hatch of silkie chicks were found yesterday…21 days later. Nestled under a warm blanket of feathers.


Yes, Bobby and (Jaime) are now the proud parents of new little silkie chicks. Jaime’s favorite pets and how surprised we were when she checked on Bobby last night. You should have heard the screams of joy! 3 so far.

DSCN3509        DSC05096

In the past we have tried to incubate the eggs ourselves using a homemade incubator. This method had proved unsuccessful for us. We had decided that it was better if the hens would sit on their own eggs. Bobby was the first to decide it was time to sit and she was very successful. Our other silkie hen “Songbird” would lay eggs and not sit. We would take her eggs and place them under “Bobby” giving her 5 eggs to hatch. That’s why I say “3 so far”. There is a day or two for the other eggs before they reach their 21 days.

We are keeping our fingers crossed with hope and anticipation. It only took 8 months and 21 days.

Happy Hatching 🙂




2 thoughts on “Found… 21 days Later

  1. One of the happiest times I remember as a kid was when I received 12 tiny chicks to care for. Two were made pets – George and Elizabeth – until my mother did them in.

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