Is it lookin’ like Christmas?

(beatin’ to  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas)

The caddy was packed

over flowin’ and dirty

Not one more thing

it wasn’t to purdy

I took me a board

and screwed in some hooks

To my surprise

this hangin’ rack cooks

The stockin’ is hung by the back door with care

hopin’ and prayin’  St Nick will be there


I really wanted some shiny gold hooks to hold every thing up but I never seemed to think about it when I’m out at the store. What I did have was some extra line connectors that I wasn’t using. Since it was to hold halters, bits , headstalls and lines the connectors worked out just fine. I guess it’s kind of jazzed up with the purple lunge line and the blue headstall. I hope santa finds the stocking!

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Catsnaps-Catching the Moments

Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading

Artful Affirmations-2015 Monthly Planner

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.



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