2 x’s 2=20 on the Barrel

It’s true what they say “helping hands make for light work”.

A friend of mine saw the posting of saving the farm and she gave me a call asking what I was doing the next day. I told her I needed to make a new wheel barrel as the plastic one I was using was unusable at this point. She knew how valuable having a working wheel barrel is to the homestead and came over the next day to help. I truly value her mechanical mind.

I had all the parts and pieces but not sure of how I was going to approach the project. Here is my initial diagram.


I have the wood, I have pallets and scrap. I had the wheels and axel from one barrel and the handles from another. I tend to over think it and do things backwards.

We went to see what was useable and began putting the pieces together. The bed of the barrel I was using was still functional. The sides were cracked and the handle fell apart. Simple enough we just cracked them off the base. All that was really necessary was to reinforce the sides and put some handles on.

My pair of hands=10 and her pair of hands=10. Together making 20 on the barrel. All in all it took maybe 1/2 an hour from putting the plan together to completion. 2 x’s 2=20 on the barrel.

DSC05389     We pulled scrap from the pile to see what would fit around the existing barrel.

DSC05390   We sawed the handles off of this old barrel I use to cover my mower.

DSC05388     We screwed the wood into place around the top of the barrel.

DSC05385      Attached the handles.

DSC05386 You can see by the inside of the barrel I tried to hold it together using duct tape. Duct tape doesn’t hold everything.

I took it out last night to test it on cleaning up the manure. I was so excited, I phoned my friend to shout “IT WORKS FABULOUSLY!”. I had to tell her how much I appreciated her for coming out and helping me-that meant so much.

If you need a hand…call a friend.

helpinghands    We will be right there.


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