How to Encourage Tiny Sprouts to Blossom

How do we encourage tiny sprouts to blossom? So fragile and tender. By reading to them. Oh! You probably thought I meant seedlings in plant form. Well, kind of. We can see our children in that manner.

Planting a seed thought in their young minds will encourage and strengthen them.

A friend of mine, (without their knowledge I would not be enjoying any fruits and would have given up a long time ago), was interested in the book “Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading”. My daughter and I walked a copy down to her house.

My friend said she was going to read it to her grandchildren. She enjoyed the photos within the book which peaked her interest. I mentioned to her to add “Twas night before Christmas-” and they will think it’s a Christmas story. I thought that was so cute. And “why not”? Why not plant those seed thoughts in the minds of our children? It’s filled with pictures. Pictures of animals, pictures of gardens and pretty things found in the world around us.

If the book “Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading” delighted my friend then I know it will delight you or maybe a loved one on your list this Holiday season.

Place your order soon to ensure you have it in time for Christmas. You won’t be disappointed.


Catsnaps-Catching the Moments   order here

Dirty Fingers-A Primer in Homesteading  order here

Artful Affirmations-2015 Monthly Planner   order here

Every purchase you make benefits the continuation of homesteading to future seedlings.


Happy Holidays from our homestead to yours.

tarolynfrmfinal     Every girl needs a horse.



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