Abduction of the King-Fowl Play


“You! Comb the woods to find any clues you can for the whereabouts of the King”. This is the directive of the day. That we search for anything conclusive to rule out fowl play in the disappearance of our rooster.

As much of a nuisance as they can be it truly brought tears to my eyes to learn we had lost our beautiful lace-winged wyandotte rooster. What will the girls do now? Most likely they will scamper wildly and directionless all day long. It will be necessary to keep a watchful eye as to their activities today. Making sure we don’t misplace any.

“Guard the castle. Seal the gates. More gators in the moat.”

We have lost a girl or two in the past. Mainly due to them wandering off by themselves leaving the flock. But never have we lost the commander. They maintain a pattern during the course of the day as to where they go. Staying fairly close to the house. I just can’t imagine him being separated from his girls.

I’m sure most who read this will probably think “it’s just a rooster”. A rooster who was carefully selected and hand picked, cared for and raised to be a “king” over his flock. Our animals are very much apart of our family. It’s probably silly as  these things happen and I shouldn’t be getting myself all upset about it. Well, couldn’t sleep and had to get this off my mind. Thanks for listening.

chicks 2 002


Update 10:40 am:

Was it fowl play? The woods were dredged. The “king” was found. Lifeless, his glorious crown removed. Carried back on a satin purple hoodie with tears rolling down my daughter’s cheeks. We laid him to rest in our garden during the winter’s chill and pray he blossom as the fruits in springtime. RIP Richie.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. We rest this day in silent prayer.


7 thoughts on “Abduction of the King-Fowl Play

    • Yes, it is devastating. However, we were able to replace Richie with one that was identical and his name is also Richie along with two additional hens.

  1. The king was a beauty! Just a rooster? I once had a pet rooster and hen named George and Elizabeth that I adored. George ended up on our table for Sunday dinner. My mom told me I was eating George and I did not eat chicken for years. So, yes, you can love a chicken. I know I did.

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