How to use your Noodle

Happy New Year to everyone.

Holiday time just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional emergency. I hope everyone’s holiday season was filled with festivities without the emergencies.

We all know how much fun noodles are in the pool on a hot summer day. Splashing, spouting water, floating on a noodle.


This past New Year Eve day (12/31/2014) it was a particularly beautiful day. Not quite summer swimming weather but certainly gorgeous enough to go on a ride with Scout. My daughter was trying out the new saddle and some gear she received over Christmas.

The road traveled was a familiar route. Then I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Only that it was a local number. I answered and it was my daughter in a frantic voice. Both she and Scout were injured and he had run off out in a field. (This is the cause of my absence from blogging of late).

I jumped in the van with everything I could think of to bring thinking he just ran off and that I would be able to coax him toward me with some treats. A truck had met me in the road and I saw my daughter in the passenger seat. The neighbor was telling me what happened, that Scout had gotten spooked after my daughter had tied him to a stop sign to retrieve something that had dropped. Apparently, Scout took the sign out of the ground and traveled with him a way.

My daughter was able to walk and get into our van, knocked up a bit, somewhat in shock, but otherwise ok. Now I had to focus on where Scout was. Scout was being led out of a field by another neighbor. As he approached the road I saw that all four legs were cut up. Unable to assess the severity of the injuries until we reached home. Thank God for all our wonderful neighbors. Scout was in shock as well and he was led ever so gently back to the house.

Triage was in order. Which lacerations were the most severe. We calmed him down with some grain so I could treat the lacerations. Using Wound Coat spray I coated all the lacerations so that we could head to town for some 4×4’s and self grip wrap. When we returned we began treating his legs with Fura-Septin salve applied to the 4×4 and covering the more severe cuts. The superficial cuts are being washed with peroxide/water solution and sprayed with Wound Coat. That evening I noticed he had something else going on with his hind leg. Scout wasn’t able to support himself with it. On New Year’s Day I was trying to think of what I could do to help him support himself. My first thought was to purchase an Air Splint. Not knowing if anything was open on the holiday I began to think of what I had around the house to use as a splint. I was looking for something that was firm but not stiff. Wood splints were out of the question. I had remembered reading something about injuries to goats legs and how someone had used a noodle. Perfect. “Where are those noodles?”. My daughter yelled back that they were out on the trampoline. Here we go!


Measure the size in length needed. Cut into two equal pieces. Then cut vertical to the hole in center. For the horses leg the holes are a bit small so the noodle will have to bent back in the opposite direction being careful not to break in half. Place each half on the sides of the leg. Wrap with flex tape or self-grip tape. It allows for movement while adding support.


This is not to take place of calling a vet but it can add some time to an emergency situation. Remember to calm yourself, calm the rider, calm the animal giving attention to each one’s medical needs. Fortunately we were able to walk Scout home when at first I thought we were going to need to load him on a horse trailer. Please keep your phone on your person and not on the horse. Be safe. 🙂


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