And Here We Go – Again?

Remembering the classic line spoken by the famous Jackie Gleason. What a character!

Home-schooling, hobbles and keeping Lacy from “Old Hag” syndrome.



We’ve been home-schooling since November of last year. This is my daughter’s first experience with home-schooling and my fifth time around. She completed her first sewing project of the green pillow. For her academics we are using the Alpha-Omega Series which I have used in the past. Her science kit is coming soon so that she will be able to have hands-on experience in seeing visual results through basic experiments.

Spring is in the air (somewhere) as it is getting near the time to clean up the milk stand and hobbles. We have 3 does expecting new arrivals within just a few weeks. Ivory, Flake and Molly. This is always exciting for us. They were bred with our Boer buck who is polled (no horns through genetics). I prefer goats which are naturally polled verses going through the process of dehorning or disbudding. This is our breeding plan.


DSC05280      sradvisor  ofcmgr

An update on our horses. Scout is healing nicely from his accident on December 31, 2014. The pulled tendon on his back leg is getting stronger and the wounds are healing. I refuse to let Lacy become an “Old Hag” as she had developed COPD over the course of last year. I had finally found a paste which gave her immediate relief for her breathing discomfort.

DSC05461   Finish Line gave her immediate relief. For maintenance she is given “Cough Free” added to her grain every couple days or so. She is doing extremely well with this program. They are both on the road to recovery.

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Dirty Fingers

Don’t forget to download your free app The Wet Brush. Put a painter in your pocket.



Life is never dull around here. Always something going on.

Happy Trails to you 🙂



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