A Shot of Southern Comfort?

Warm breezes and bright sunny days. Certainly could use a few shots of Southern Comfort to stay warm today. We may be in the south but it is anything but warm. Winters here consist of rain, mud and an ice cold wind down your neck.

Watching the weather conditions is something I do quite frequently (maybe it’s a hobby of mine). Truth be told, if you have any kind of livestock, watching the weather is as much a part of the days routine as it is sending out the morning hay.

Our temps over the next few nights will be dipping into the teens. This is the first time in 6 years that I’ve considered getting a heat lamp for our chickens.  There are cords everywhere but once the winds die down they should be snug with a little bit of warmth through the night. I’ve discovered we have two silkie hens sitting.

DSC05470      DSC05472

This is the lamp for our layers                                         Songbird has sat for sometime


Bobby is under the nesting house in the silkie pen.

We have 3 does which are expecting to freshen soon. From my experience and it’s held true thus far is that the doe will kid during the warmest part of the day. “Hang on Flake. Wait til next week.”

I think Flake will be first. She is the black Alpine.


She’s so big that she didn’t even stand for her photo. Ivory, her daughter, I think will be number 3 in line. This will be Ivory’s first freshening.


Molly, will be putting out some nice Boer twins for us.


This is our little Columbia, as fat as can be at 4 months old.

I feel like the “Italian momma”…here you go, eat some more…and eat some more, they do. Making sure they are fed well and the stalls are cleaned. I’m even letting Rollo room in so that he can huddle with his mom.

Scouts injuries from New Years Eve day have healed up nicely. He is still wearing purple. The cuts have healed nice and the pulled tendon is better, no more splint.


Well my job is done outside for the time being. I’m going to sip on some hot tea and curl up with my new addition of “Pastel Journal”.


Until 5pm anyway.


Hope everyone is safe and warm. Blessings to you and all your animals. 🙂






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