Bandit Brothers 3


Can you pick them out? Oh sure, they look so sweet and adorable playing together on the tires. Bandit Brothers 3 are becoming notorious throughout the land for their clever escapes.

Milked 6c today. Good girls. This mornings milking was organized and well planned to foil any attempts the Bandit Brothers may have developed over night. Yesterday was another story-as I am sure many goat owners experience at some point. I’ve yet to develop a perfect system which is why I have two milking stations at the ready. Which one I use is dependent on where the bandits are placed the night before.

If your eye went immediately to the black and white boys, you are correct. The bandit brothers are not really brothers at all. Well, one isn’t anyway-he just thinks he is. Their real names are Moo, Shew and Choo. Moo and Shew are brothers, Choo is a cousin.

Milking is a seven day a week operation. Once a routine is established whatever you do don’t deviate the routine. That was my first mistake. Yesterday I was kind of taking a break from rushing out the door at 7:30am. It was 8:30 when I decided to head out with the feed buckets. All of a sudden I see a white kid out in the yard. Right then I knew I was done for. I had placed the 3 boys in the small nursery pen away from their mom. I had been using the horse stall for milking and Flake has been going first as she was closest to the stall. I picked Shew up and put him back in the nursery stall with the other two bandits and proceeded to take Flake to the parlor.

Hitched and washed all ready to go Flake’s head in her food bucket. One squirt in the collection pail when around the corner comes this white kid. “Shew”! I yelled. Well, that was the end of milking for the day. Both Moo and Shew were out of their stall, guess they weren’t waiting any longer. They jumped the 4ft fence . Poor Choo, who is just a bit smaller. Since he couldn’t go through the fence he wasn’t going to attempt to jump it.

Last evening when it came time to lock them secure for the night my thoughts were “where was I going to place the Bandit Brothers 3”. Being the clever thinker I am (lol), I was going to switch them to the pen with the 5 foot fence. No way would they clear that. Well, those Bandit Brothers certainly proved me wrong. Almost immediately, Moo cleared the 5  foot fence, no problem. Shew was having a little difficulty. Choo wasn’t attempting. Ok, Ok now this calls for drastic measures. I retrieved from my arsenal the kennel crate. I put the kennel crate in the stall and locked all 3 bandits inside the crate. There they slept without a sound and 6 cups of fresh milk collected this morning.



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