The River Runs Sweet

The river runs sweet with fresh flowing creamy milk. Ivory has surpassed Flake with the production of all this goodness.


Ivory’s kid was sold over this past weekend so she no longer has a kid demanding her production. I’ve been busy trying to keep up the pace. She is on two milkings per day giving a quart with each milking while her mom, Flake produces 1 quart per day (still nursing her boys).

IMAG0149 Fresh collected milk

This morning my thoughts are running with what to do with all this rich creamy goodness. Dishes are washed and the milk pot is ready for the days use. Jotting down notes as to what I made with the milk last year before we ran out.

As I recall we drank the milk, I used the milk for any recipe that called for it. We enjoyed yogurt and made butter with the cream collected.

dscn3149           finishedbutter

yogurt with fresh berries and brown sugar                    butter


We had also experimented making hand lotion using goat milk with a carrier oil (grape seed oil or almond oil) and a little fragrance. It worked great on the hands after all day in the garden or when my hands were in water all day processing tomatoes.

This year we are making ice cream. I don’t purchase the additional heavy creams which the recipes call for. I use the whole milk supplied from our goats rather than skimming off the cream for butter. Making vanilla ice cream with different additions like chocolate chips, twix bars or heathbars is great. We’ve also made Lemon Raspberry ice cream which has a sweet lemony taste like lemonade with just the right amount of tart provided by the raspberries.

The base for ice cream is 4c of goat milk

1c sugar

a pinch of salt

flavoring extract of your choice

Heat to scald point ( a film coating on top of milk) 1 c of milk with a pinch of salt. In a large bowl add 1 c of sugar. Pour heated milk into sugar until dissolved. Add additional 3 c milk and extract. Place in fridge for 30 minutes. I purchased a $20.00 ice cream maker at Walmart. Place the canister in the freezer for 30 minutes. Set up the ice cream maker having your ice and salt ready. Pour the milk mix into the canister sitting within the ice bucket setting in the paddle and mounting the motor on top. Layer bucket with ice and salt and turn it on. Ours stops in 40 minutes. I remove the cylinder with the ice cream and add either berries or candies by folding it into the ice cream and placing the canister in the fridge. That’s it!

I will be continuing with the butter, yogurt and ice cream. Now onto  more things like soap (bar soap and laundry soap) and cheese making (beginning with chevre cheese-a soft cheese).

Maintaining our food supply without sacrificing quality is what is most important. You may be reading this and say to yourself “man, that’s a lot of work. I’ll just go to the store and pick it up”. It really isn’t any more work when you think of how many times your purchased food is handled (and by whom). This way I see the ingredients I put into a product, I know the processes I use and it is handled by me. Going to the grocery store was driving me nuts with reading labels (beware of false advertising) and all the sales stickers (am I getting the most bang for my buck?). By the time I would arrive home to put the groceries away I was exhausted. For myself and my family this is the better solution.

7 am is fast approaching and time to prepare the feed buckets and collect this mornings milk. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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