What’s that in my fresh egg?

Cheese Acres Farm

A friend got some fresh eggs from us the other day and expressed concern over those slimy, stringy looking things in there. At first I had no clue but later realized exactly what she meant. This made me stop to think that a lot of people may not realize just how different a fresh egg from the farm really is! This weeks blog will discuss that a bit.

My eggs are not perfect ovals. Some are, but some look like bullets or torpedos. Some have little spots of different colors. They come in a variety of colors. Some have a weak spot on one end and some are so hard they don’t even crack when I drop them. Some have thin shells, some very thick, some have no shell at all (a rubber egg). Some are all wrinkled up. Some have no yolk, double yolks, and now and then a…

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