With the Wings of Eagles


All the work was done early this morning before the sun broke through. Fed, watered and cleaned the stalls in preparation for another sweltering summer day. Not a breeze to be felt. The only moisture we’ve had is in 95% humidity. Keeping the animals as comfortable as possible is a chore in itself.

We’ve been keeping them cool with tomatoes from the fridge, constant water trickling from the hoses. Vegetation has dried up so the goats have received much of our garden crops as each ended their harvest.

In all the happenings thru the summer we hadn’t taken much notice of Bobbi our silkie hen. She is in her box sitting on eggs. I check on her in the morning and close the door.

On a particular day, my daughter checked on Bobbi. Opening the door she let out a scream. A snake had slithered under the hen. Brave Bobbi was perfectly still. Playing possum so to speak.  Waiting for the right moment to remove Bobbi. We waited and waited. The snake crawled back up the wall away from the heat of the sun. That’s when we snatched Bobbi placing her in the yard.

This snake was able to escape from the shovel crawling back under ground.

I don’t think this event has been left without casualty. Frozen, the white rooster in the photo, had been limping the day prior and is progressively worse. My thought is that the snake had taken residence with them for a couple days before we noticed. I think the snake bit Frozen on the leg but I can’t be sure because I’m unable to separate the feathers. I am continually praying that it will get stronger.

Now my hope is that Frozen will soon be free flying with the wings of eagles. Today I sit in hospice waiting, watching while Frozen sits in the coop with his Bobbi. They are our two remaining silkies.


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