The Homestead Experiment is all about sustainable living. How self-sustaining can we be? Or are we destined to be plugged into society?

A mom who doesn’t know when to quit and her daughter, who won’t let her. So we are managing a small hobby farm located in the Magnolia region of Georgia. We raise goats, chickens and horses on a small piece of land. We utilize all that our surroundings have to offer from the wild grapes that grow among the oak trees to the goldenrod that blooms in the early fall. Our tools are simple as well as our methods. Sounds pretty doesn’t it? Or we might talk about sinking 3ft deep in thick mud after a torrential rain. We hope you’ll join us for fun, laughs, excitement, adventure and share even a tear or two.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. Homesteading has always been in my heart. We’ve been in full practice of this lifestyle for 6 years now. Many lessons learned and many more to come. Loving it all the way. Blessings to you
      L Lindall

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