Goats 4 Sale

Located in Metter GA
Thank you to everyone who purchased this years kids. I’m confident the boys will do your herd proud.

Breeding season will begin again this fall. We have selected our king for our queens.
Meet Shew

flowers trees and goats 004             IMAG0146

Dam Alpine/Nubian cross                                          2.15# of milk daily



Moo (horned buckling)

Born March 3, 2015



dscn3216               IMAG0148

Dam Alpine/Kiko cross                                                  1 qrt daily as a yearling first freshening.

(daughter of the Alpine/Nubian cross above)

Choo (polled buckling) SOLD

Born 3/2015



IMAG0115           DSC05606

Cricket-horned                                                                  Updated photo May 2, 2015

Born 3/25/2015



IMAG0117            DSC05609

Jack (polled)                                                                   Updated photo May 2, 2015

Born 3/25/2015



IMAG0108            DSC05607

Charming (polled)                                                        Updated photo May 2,2015

Born 3/25/2015




Our goats are raised in a closed herd environment with love and social interaction. We do not disbud or wether. We breed for polled goats. When our goats are happy then we’re happy.

To inquire about a goats listed on this page you may contact us through our blog or directly at sandnwat3r@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “Goats 4 Sale

  1. These are beautiful! I wish I had a place for them but the suburbs do not allow this much cuteness. 🙂

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